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1939 New Year Dance

Back Row: ?, Harry Mcleish, Andy Johnston, Bert Blackwood, ? Jim Black, Allan Scott, Paddy Keane/Caine, ? Norman Robb, Alistair Thow, Alistair Maxwell, Dave Bonthrone and Jimmy Blackwood.

2nd Row: Watt Smith, D Christie, Nelly Strathearn, @Maidie' Scott, Maggie Crabb, ?, Jess McNaughton, ?, Mrs Maxwell, Alison Page, ?, Kathy Fife.

3rd Row: Jean Johnston, Jean Black, Kate Whytock (later Black), Lizzie Strathearn, Margaret Black, Jackie McNeill, ?, ?, _ Duncanson, ?, ?,.

The Band (not shown) was "The Melody Boys Band" from Stanley.

Thanks to Jim Black for these names.

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